Websites for Patriots

Websites for Patriots

The Company's History

Websites for Patriots is a private label of the Best Way Websites website generator and CMS (Content Management System).

Best Way Websites began way back in 1998.  Early trade names were BizMaxUSA!, New Millennium Technologies and PROSBO.  When the company first began, we were providing website hosting - back when the only tools available for developing websites was Frontpage by Vermeer Technologies (1995), later acquired by Microsoft and Macromedia Dreamweaver (1997), which was later acquired and marketed by Adobe.

We did most of our development by hand-coding in those days, just using Notepad and also assisted clients that wanted to maintain their sites using either Frontpage or Dreamweaver.


Validate My Votes is a free website program that serves candidates running for public office & organizations championing a ballot measure to receive confirmation from voters that voted for them, thus validating their votes. 

This data, collected by Validate My Votes, can be compared against the “official count” in an effort to stay the tide of voter, ballot, & election fraud.

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