Immigration, Naturalization & Citizenship Reforms

Our immigration, naturalization, and citizenship program and process is terrible and it must be addressed.  We DEMAND this.  We THE PEOPLE will be telling you how we DEMAND that it be done.

We are DONE with waiting on Congress to do this.

Melting Pot Patriots

Melting Pot Patriots is championing the cause of the millions of people that are currently living in the USA that should be granted citizenship.  We believe the careful immigration and naturalization are needed.

America's arms should be WIDE OPEN to WELCOME people from other lands that will learn to love America and strengthen the USA.

Immigration, Naturalization & Citizenship Reforms


Validate My Votes is a free website program that serves candidates running for public office & organizations championing a ballot measure to receive confirmation from voters that voted for them, thus validating their votes. 

This data, collected by Validate My Votes, can be compared against the “official count” in an effort to stay the tide of voter, ballot, & election fraud.

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