A Vote Validation Process Demanded by We the People

Validating your vote is only the first step forward to secure our national elections.  We are providing a model that we are DEMANDING to be FOLLOWED NATIONWIDE for the Presidential Elections moving forward.

It is a COMMON SENSE model that fits the age in which we live that will provide a model for all other elections to follow.  If the several states of the United States of America want to have transparent and valid elections, they can follow the same model.

If county and city elections want to have transparent and valid elections, they can follow the same model.



This makes perfect sense.  The PEOPLE need to have confidence in our elections!

The following lists the DEMANDS of THE PEOPLE regarding our Federal Elections.

  1. Only CITIZENS of the USA are allowed to vote.  The system should make it IMPOSSIBLE for non-citizens to take part our federal elections.  [IMMIGRATION, NATURALIZATION & CITIZENSHIP REFORMS]

  2. Every Citizen must be REGISTERED to vote.  Proof of citizenship will be required, but it MUST be easy to register to vote.  The FEDERAL government must provide easy registration for all citizens.  (Online & Local)

  3. FEDERAL VOTER ID is required to vote in FEDERAL elections.  EVERYONE must show their ID to prove they are old enough to buy alcohol.  We will NOT accept that any person cannot acquire a voter ID.  Such arguments are only made to further delegitimize our elections.

  4. ONE VOTE per person with the VALUE of the numeral 1.0.  There are electronic "weighting" methods that sometimes are used to diminish or strengthen an individual's vote.  This will NO LONGER happen in Federal Elections.  We DEMAND a Federal Law that requires TRANSPARENCY of the several States and Local Jurisdictions regarding weighted votes.  If they choose to use such methods, it is a FRAUDULENT practice when voters are believing that their one vote is acually worth one vote, like every other person.  They must publish and clearly communicate to voters when they are using such methods.

  5. Early voting to open NATIONWIDE at 9 am EST on the 4th Monday in October.  The PEOPLE should be able to cast their votes ONLINE if they choose to and should receive an IMAGE RECEIPT of their vote that they could save and/or print.

  6. Voting by mail MUST be available to anyone that REQUESTS a mail-in ballot.  They should be able to request a mail-in ballot directly from Federal websites in additional to local governmental offices.  We want EVERY CITIZEN to vote.  NO ONE should receive a ballot via mail that they did NOT request.  The practice of mailing or delivering ballots indiscriminately is a practice that is an open door to VOTE FRAUD.

  7. All voting must be completed by election DAY (First Tuesday after First Monday in November).   Polls and voting should close at the same time in each state, so things are the SAME regardless of the state in which you live.

  8. The RESULTS of the elections must be PUBLISHED by 5 PM, EST, the day after the election. 
A Vote Validation Process Demanded by We the People


Validate My Votes is a free website program that serves candidates running for public office & organizations championing a ballot measure to receive confirmation from voters that voted for them, thus validating their votes. 

This data, collected by Validate My Votes, can be compared against the “official count” in an effort to stay the tide of voter, ballot, & election fraud.

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